Book Collection

Rabbi Dr. Avraham J. Twerski zt"l Book Collection

Available at the Learning Center hosted by Beit Knesset Menorat Hamaor in Beit Shemesh
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1A Formula for Proper Living: Practical Lessons from Life & Torah
2A Taste of Nostalgia: Tales & Recipes to Nourish Body & Soul
3Angels Don’t Leave Footprints: Discovering Whats Right with Yourself
4Dear Rabbi, Dear Doctor
5Dear Rabbi, Dear Doctor, Volume 2
6Dearer Than Life: Making Your Life More Meaningful
7Effective Living: An Upbeat & Uplifting Life Can Be Yours
8Foregiveness: Don’t Let Resentment Keep You Captive
9Four Chassidic Masters: The Heart, the Mind, the Eye & the Tongue
10From Bondage to Freedom: The Passover Haggadah
11Generation to Generation: Personal Recollections of a Chassidic Legacy
12Getting Up When You’re Down
13Gevurah: My Life, Our World & The Adventure of Reaching 80
14Growing Each Day
15Happiness and the Human Spirit: The Spirituality of Becoming the Best You Can Be
16I am I: A Jewish Perspective – from the case files of an eminent psychiatrist
17In-Laws: It’s All Relative
18It’s Not As Tough As You Think
19It’s Not As Tough at Home As You Think
20I’ve Gotta Get Out of My Way: Eliminating The Obstacles To Success
21Life’s Blessings: The Meaning & Significance of Our Brachos
22Life’s Too Short: Pull The Plug On Self-Defeating Behavior & Turn On The Power of Self-Esteem
23Light at the End of the Tunnel
24Lights Along The Way: Mesillas Yesharim
25Living Each Day
26Messages from the Mishnah
27Not Just Stories
28Prayerfully Yours: Creating the Bond Between Man & His Creator
29Seek Sobriety Find Serenity: 365 Daily Inspirations
30Seize the Moments: Motivating Nuggests of Torah Wisdom
31Self Improvement – I’m Jewish: Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior
32Simchah: It’s Not Just Happiness
33Successful Relationships: At Home, at Work & with Friends
34Tallis & Tefillin, Bagels & Lox: Two Components to Living a Spiritual Life
35Ten Steps to Being Your Best: A Practical Handbook
36Teshuva Through Recovery
37The Enemy Within: Confronting Your Challenges in the 21st Century
38The First Year of Marriage: Enhancing the Success of Your Marriage Right From the Start
39The Rabbi & The Nuns: The Inside Story of a Rabbi’s Therapeutic Work with the Sisters of St. Francis
40The Shabbos Companion: Customs, Prayers, Stories, Zemiros – Shabbos Day
41The Shabbos Companion: Customs, Prayers, Stories, Zemiros – Shabbos Eve
42The Shame Borne In Silence: Spouse Abuse in the Jewish Community
43The Sun Will Shine Again: Coping, Persevering, & Winning in Troubled Economic Times
44The Zeide Reb Motele: The Life of the Tzaddik, R’ Mordechai Dov of Hornosteipel
45Twerski on Chumash
46Twerski on Machzor: Rosh Hashana
47Twerski on Machzor: Yom Kippur
48Twerski on Spirituality
49Twersky on Prayer: Creating the Bond Between Man & His Maker
50Visions of the Fathers: Pirkei Avos with Insightful & Inspiring Commentary
Waking Up Just In Time: A Therapist Shows How to Use The Twelve Steps Approach to Life;s Ups & Downs
When Do The Good Things Start?: A therapist looks at life’s ups & downs (with a bit of help from Charlie Brown & his friends)
53Wisdom Each Day
54Smiling Each Day
55A Practical Guide to Rabbinic Counseling
56Substance-Abusing High Achievers
57Letters to My Children
58Rebbes and Chassidim
59Addictive Thinking – Understanding Self Deception
60Chassidic Torah Tidbits
61Do Unto Others- How Good Deeds Can Change Your Life
62Growing Up – A Lifelong Process
63I Didn’t Ask To Be in This Family
64Self-Discovery in Recovery
65Shut Up and Stay Married
66That’s Not A Fault…It’s A Character Trait
67The Spiritual Self
68Thin You Within You – Winning the Weight Game with Self-Esteem
69Without A Job, Who Am I?
70Positive Parenting
71I’m So Confused, Am I Being Abused?
72The Future of Happiness
73The Future of Friendship
74Let Us Make Man – Self Esteem Through Jewishness
75Compulsive Gambling- More Than Dreidle